1. I cant find anywhere to sing the praises of this show on your website…so here will have to do!! We just totally LOVED the ‘First Play’ last night in Torquay UK and my only regret is that the theatre was not PACKED as it should have been guys! Select audience – and I feel privileged to have now seen you a second time with my lovely daughter who was just as impressed and we cried with laughter throughout (hump!)!! Please come back next time you tour UK – I promise we will be there – storms twins blind deathbeds whatever-; you’ll recognise us as the standing ovation! Thank you for a terrific evening’s entertainment!

  2. Judith johnson

    We saw the show in Goole 22nd April and we were blown away! Fast paced, really funny, my 18 year old can’t wait to see more, my 15 year old who went with school to see Shakespeare couldn’t believe how funny it could be. I think she will remember more from your production than the serious stuff! Great show guys thanks x

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