Episode 553. We Review ‘Will’

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Have you seen Will, the new TNT series that imagines the so-called ‘lost-years’ of William Shakespeare as a world in which Shakespeare in Love meets The Clash? We review the first two episodes with New York Times best-selling novelist Christopher Moore, whose terrific comic novels include such Shakespearean imaginings as Fool and its sequel The Serpent of Venice. We chat with Chris about the series’ first two episodes and marvel at such conceits as authors as rock stars, television by committee, shiny sparkly dancey bits, finding your feet, and our shared feeling that historical accuracy is definitely not, thankfully, a necessity. (When you’re done listening here, go over to the Folger Shakespeare Library to hear a conversation with Will‘s producers and creators, writer Craig Pearce and director Shekhar Kapur, on the Folger’s Shakespeare Unlimited podcast.) (Length 22:01)


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