1. David Sanderson

    My nightmares have nothing to do with a real show. I show up backstage just to say hello to friends and give encouragement. The stage manager comes up to me and says I’m late. They rush to get me in a costume made for me. I’m saying I’m not in the show, but they insist I was cast. Then I’ll say I haven’t even read the script, let alone come to any rehearsals. They don’t care and get me ready to go on stage. That’s when I’ll wake with a start and just be drenched in sweat.

    Also related to this episode, I did a community theater show when I was 14 years old where I fell ill with a super high fever half way through rehearsals. I had a non-speaking, rather minor part, so they left me in. I showed up for the last rehearsal feeling better. On show night my fever came back, but I did two performances with a 102 degree fever. Turned out I had mono and pneumonia, and I missed two months of school.

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