1. I think we had to take it seriously in the midst of all the craziness — but I don’t disagree. Why are we even having these conversations anymore?

  2. To be honest I think you took the DUP, and their objections, too seriously in your podcast. I appreciate the cancellation, or threat of it, was no laughing matter in practical and professional terms, but to answer this level of crass idiocy in such thoughtful terms is to dignify it well beyond the level of respect it deserves. One of the many tragedies of Northern Ireland is that even at this stage is that no one seems to dare name obstinate stupidity and outdated bigotry for what they are. Viz Richard Haass’s frustrated comment about the Orange Lodge in the parades/ flags talks: ‘a problem for every solution’

  3. Sorry to hear about the show being cancelled in newtownabbey.welcome to our world of the DUP who think they control everything with god in it?i live in newtownabbey and I am very religious but also very open minded.i have a strong faith but I do not dictate to others in how they practice theirs.life is hard enough to cope with and I see the funny side of what you are trying to do.keep up the good work and beleave me we are not all as narrow minded as these people.

  4. As long as you come to the Theatre Royal Wakefield as planned, looking forward to see you there!

  5. Email from Alderman William Ball , Newtown Abbey District Council
    Sent from my iPhone thank you for your email but when did I say I wanted to
    censor the arts I stated my opposition to this play on its mockery of gods word.
    Last week in European Parliament they highlighted 50 country’s that persecute
    Christians they if caught in possession
    of scriptures are either imprisoned or put to death the word of god is not a
    book. It is THE book our guide to every day living a comfort in times of trouble
    I know you will not agree with me that’s up to you I as a Christian bear no
    malice for anyone yours in Christ billy ball.

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