“The Week Reduced” Shoots Again

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We’ll be taping a second presentation (because the first one went so well!) of “The Week Reduced”, a late night comedy show currently being considered by TBS.”The Week Reduced”, created by Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor, will be a weekly half-hour satire of TV news programs, sort of a combination of “Weekend Update” and “The McLaughlin Group”, that makes no distinctions between serious and light news. Britney Spears’s child-custody issues are treated with the same seriousness and gravity as the War in Iraq. Actually, more.Taping will be held at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood on Thursday night, November 1, 2007. You can book your FREE tickets for “The Week Reduced” one of two ways:Book by Phone – call 818-753-3470 and follow the promptsBook by Internet – visit tvTickets.com and select “The Week Reduced”Come and watch the RSC make television history – one way or the other. The TBS big-wigs will be there. And so should you.


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