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Episode 637. History Of Blackface

Episode 633. ‘Nerdy’ Brian Posehn

Episode 592. Christopher Moore’s ‘Noir’

Episode 584. The Comedy “Plantation!”

Episode 538. Falcon Theatre Fools

Episode 517. Flying Karamazov Brothers

Episode 516. The Q Brothers

Episode 503. Too Much Parody?

Episode 486. Merchant Of Venice

Episode 475. Our Poster (L)Artist

Episode 467. Holy Humor Sunday

Episode 465. Captain Steve Davis

Episode 443. Comedy Tour Recap

Episode 438. Power Of Comedy

Episode 426. Marin Theatre Company

Episode 425. UK Comedy Openings

Episode 424. Comedy’s Seriously Funny

Episode 419. Choice Table Comments

Episode 417. Comedy Cast Notes

Episode 416: Bay Area Roots

Episode 415. Dudes Talkin’ Comedy

Busy Busy Fall!

Episode 405. Reduced Radio Show

Episode 402. The Pleasance Courtyard

Episode 392. Podcast For Larissa

Episode 388. Returning To Edinburgh

Episode 386. Big Theatre Week

Episode 385. Unknown Dan Rice

Episode 381. Acting With Masks

Episode 377. By The Numbers

Episode 373. (NOT) Banned in Newtownabbey

Episode 372. There’s Always One

Episode 370. Meeting Mike McShane

Episode 369. 2013’s Top Podcasts

RSC World Premiere Is A Hit! A Very Palpable Hit!

dominic-abeThe critics and the public agree! The World Premiere of The Complete History of Comedy (abridged) at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park is a monster hit! The Cincinnati Enquirer said, “It’s funny. Really, really funny… And most of all it’s really, really smart… They are exhaustingly hilarious!”
And Cincinnati City Beat said, “A dizzying night’s entertainment! It’s the work of some serious minds exploring the art of comedy… Fresh and funny!”Continue reading

Episode 366. Serpent of Venice

Episode 364. Constructing The Narrative

Episode 363. ‘Comedy’ Opening Weekend

Episode 362. Design For ‘Comedy’

Episode 361. A Comedian’s Prayer

A Brand Spanking New RSC World Premiere!

comedy-sqYes, you read it right! The RSC will unveil its ninth stage show THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF COMEDY (abridged) at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park from November 9 – December 29! From cavemen telling “Rock Rock” jokes to Chris Rock and everything in-between, the bad boys of abridgement leave no joke untold as we deconstruct the entire history of comedy in 90 rollicking minutes. Get tickets now! Continue reading

Episode 349. Rocking The Casbah

Episode 341. Development Of Comedy

Episode 340. Directing A Comedy

Episode 329. History of Comedy

Episode 197. ‘Sports’ Opening Night

Episode 179. Comedy That Offends

Episode 88. The Firesign Theatre