Reduced Shakespeare Company Reader
The Reduced Shakespeare Company Reader - April 2010

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)


Gallop apace you fiery footed steeds, and bring on Reduced gigs immediately! We’re kicking off our final leg of the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s tour of the show that launched a thousand reductions - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) is galloping eastward: look for us in New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey and Virginia. For a complete listing of venues, dates and times visit us online.

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New Victory


Yes, the Reduced Shakespeare Company totally sold out - on Broadway, that is! The New Victory is not technically "Broadway", but hey, the theatre is just off Broadway and on 42nd Street. Ok, so we weren't literally "on" Broadway - well, Janet Jackson wasn't literally "on" Oprah Winfrey...

Reduced History: The New Victory theatre was built in 1900 by Oscar Hammerstein as the Theatre Republic and through the years has hosted such fine talents as Lionel Barrymore, George Arliss, Tyrone Power, Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish, and uh... the talented and scantily-clad Gypsy Rose Lee. The venue was resurrected as a family theatre in 1995 by The New 42nd Street project. A mere 15 years later, the Reduced Shakespeare Company arrive and with a sold-out two-week run prove there is no accounting for taste.

Read New Victory Interviews, "On the Spot" with: Reed, Austin, Matt

Shorty Awards (photo by Bryan Reesman)
photo by Bryan Reesman


Yes, you read that right! WE WON! Our tweets won us a Shorty Award (the Oscars of tweeting) in the Cultural Institution category. Ok, well, we won along with two others, so it was a twee-way-tie! We share this mag-twificent accolade with Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and The Poetry Society – and what an honor! We've NEVER been accused of being "cultural" – though we somehow managed to beat out that "other" RSC, the Royal something or nuther...

So thank you thank you thank you to all our fans and followers and fellow twits who helped make this possible! And thank you to all the Shorty Folk for throwing a rocking good award ceremony – AND for keeping it short and tweet (acceptance speeches limited to 140 characters – the way forward for ALL awards ceremonies, wethinks). And special thanks to Austin for spearheading our Reduced Tweet-o-lution! Onwards and twupwards! Listen to our podcast Episode 170: The Shorty Awards.

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Alash, poor Yorick! Alash, the Tuvan throat-singing ensemble, opened for us in Salina, Kansas, and it prompted memories of other greats we've brushed up against in the past. Featuring several varieties of greatness, ranging from Chachi to Python, a special nudge from Lou Reed, some fabulous RSC feedback, and the special warmth of Andie McDowell. (MP3. Length 18:24)

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Tour Dates: 2010

Apr 9 & 10:
Hanover, NH

Apr 15:
Ithaca, NY

Apr 16:
Morristown, NJ

Apr 17:
Reston, VA

Apr 21-25:
Norfolk, VA

June 11 - 20:
San Diego, CA

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