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“Owes as much to the insanity of Monty Python as to the inanity of actual sports programs.”  Boston Globe

“I loved it!  It is smart, funny  – even unexpectedly insightful and moving.”  Scott Simon, National Public Radio

“Is there anything these men can’t reduce?  It’s a deceptively exhaustive tour, its intellectual rigor leavened by silliness of the first degree.”   Variety

 “A comical analysis of sports’ childish side.  (This) parody of ESPN’s “SportsCenter”… is pitched directly and proudly at the juvenile in sports fans of all ages.”  New York Times

 “(A) mad dash through the madcap “World of Sports.”  The pacing and timing a crackerjack.  It’s hard not to grin all night, so give ‘em a medal.  Who’s gonna beat their time in a comic sprint?”  Washington Post

“The Complete World of Sports (abridged)” comes through in the clutch.  It’s extremely smart and funny.”   Broadway World

“[The Complete World of Sports (abridged)] is faster than a speeding punchline, as silly as Monty Python, and with satiric spice flavoring its comedic candy.”  Pittsburgh City Paper

“Gut busting hilarity!  Impossible for theater fans, even those with no interest in sports, to resist.”  Theater Mania

“A hit!  The sheer exuberant professionalism of the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s giddy production had the crowd cheering.  (It) astonishes and delights!”  Theater Scene

“(The Reduced Shakespeare Company) are terrific actors.  They’re funny guys, sure, but there’s a level of precision that is very hard to accomplish, let alone pass off as effortless.”  Variety

Hysterical!  (These) world champs of lampooning reduce sports to its hilarious basics.”  San Jose Mercury News

“Genius!  Stuffed with hilarity, intelligence and wit.  Fantastically sharp humor.”  Maryland Theatre Guide

“Hysterical!  The show will leave its audiences enduring the best kind of theater-related injury:  aches from hearty, side-splitting laughter.”  Theater Mania

The RSC tear into their heady task with childlike glee.   I was delighted by the fusion of highbrow and lowbrow humor informed by an obvious affection for the subject matter.  I am relieved to see that the RSC’s signature style and quality have endured and flourished in this new production.”  DC Theatre Scene

“A fast-moving and deeply funny farrago, a neo-vaudevillian sendup that manages to be both merciless and affectionate.”  Boston Globe

“Delicious anarchy.”  Washington Examiner

“Absolutely hilarious, non-stop laughs!”  WUML Radio

“Remarkably esoteric.  This is no comedy for dummies.”  Washingtonian

“Radically funny.”  The Georgetowner

“Fast paced and very funny.  Sly, irreverent humor.”  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“The merry pranksters of the Reduced Shakespeare Company do to the culture of sports what they have previously done to the Bard, the Bible, Hollywood, and American history: They reduce it to its absurdist essence.” Boston Globe

“A potent combination of verbal dexterity and physical comedy.”  Ted Pappas – Producing Artistic Director, Pittsburgh Public Theater

“Comedy isn’t easy, but you’d never know it watching this trio hit it out of the park.”  Broadway World

 “Daffy!  A manically paced collection of one-liners…this frenetic show leaves you with a new appreciation of just how dull life would be had the idea of athletic competition never been invented!”  New York Times

“One sketch rapidly gives way to another, and then another, blending slapstick, sight gags, hernia-inducing puns, and genuine verbal wit.”  Boston Globe

“The Reduced Shakespeare Company excels at condensing art, culture, and history to slices of very funny physical theater.”  Washington City Paper

“(The Reduced Shakespeare Company) sprint through the history of all things athletic using sketch after lightning quick sketch of knee-slapper puns and sight gag-loaded farce.”  Dallas Observer

(A) fast-paced, farcical, physical show.”  Broadway World

“A snappy comic romp that lampoons human competition from prehistoric times to the present day.”  DC Theater Scene

Welcome to the Olympics of silliness.  (The Reduced Shakespeare Company) hurdle from one lampoon to another like gold medalists in the art of the giggle.”  San Jose Mercury News

“Lively and fun!”  Broadway World

“Hilarious!  Sports fans will like this show.  Sports haters will love this show.” Northern Virginia Magazine

“The score? Reduced Shakespeare Company, knockout laughter; Sports, down for the count.” Lowell Sun

“A mad dash through every sport ever played!”  Boston Globe

“A fresh, zany and entertaining take on the international obsession with competitive sports.”  Washingtonian

“Inspired!  A triumph of speed, endurance, comic timing, high-scoring wordplay, a sharply satiric game plan and an all-out embrace of sports as fun.”  Lowell Sun

“This hilarious spoof is a high energy romp through the history of sports, laced with some witty political and cultural jabs.”  Zingology.com

“I hate playing sports. I hate watching sports. I hate them in person and I hate them on TV.  (But) I couldn’t stop laughing from the moment (The Reduced Shakespeare Company) took the stage.” North Andover Eagle Tribune

“World of Sports is always on its game!” Boston Globe

“(Real) sports do a pretty good job at self-parody – that hasn’t stopped (The Reduced Shakespeare Company) from multiplying the parody by a factor of 10 in two acts of sheer silliness.”  Nahsua Telegraph

“Python-esque, from great timing to comic physicality.”  North Andover Eagle Tribune

“This comedy team is as precise as the synchronized swim team they parody. Only funnier.” Arts Ala Mode, Charlotte

“This raucous performance will have attendees rolling out of the bleachers.” Dallas/Fort Worth – Pegasus News

“You don’t have to love or understand sports to enjoy The Complete World of Sports (abridged).  You just have to be ready to laugh until your cheek muscles hurt.  A non-stop laugh fest!”  San Jose Metblog

“The merry pranksters of the Reduced Shakespeare Company do to the culture of sports what they have previously done to the Bard, the Bible, Hollywood, and American history: They reduce it to its absurdist essence.” Boston Globe

“Very very silly!” Boston Herald

“Hysterical! You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy The Complete World of Sports (abridged).” Theater Mirror