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  1. Tim Reger says:

    Our community theatre is planning to present The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) (revised). Would it be possible to use your list of tweets about all the plays in our program? I believe the audience would enjoy having that during preshow and at intermission. Not to mention some may need any info about the plays they can get. Thanks for considering.
    Love your work!!

    • austin says:

      What a cool idea! Yes, you have permission as long as you credit the text as being “From the Reduced Shakespeare Company Twitter account @reduced. Text by Austin Tichenor and Reed Martin. All rights reserved.” Good luck with the production!

  2. Saw and loved your show at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio on 10/22/2016; really loved it; very very funny.

    But there is one thing I would ask you to reconsider – that is mocking Monica Lewinsky. If you watch her Ted talk, you would agree with me. She was a young (22) eager intern preyed upon by the President of the United States.

    As I recall, very little of your humor mocked living persons (Trump and Clinton – OK – fair game). So why not remove the attack on a living, decent person. Many have done what she did, just not to someone with the stature of her cohort. She has paid her dues. She doesn’t deserve to be humiliated anymore. OK?

    • austin says:

      You make a very fair point. We think of it as making fun of Bill Clinton, but you’re right. We will definitely look more closely at that moment. Thank you.

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