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Sorry, no FAQs can be found!

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  1. Nikolas Olson says:

    Hey, I’m doing a student production of your show “The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) and have come into some issues with the finale song “Armageddon”. I was just wondering if you guys could help us out and maybe lead us in the right direction for the tune of the song.

    Thanks, Nikolas Olson

  2. Holly Wilson says:

    I saw you approximately 20 years ago in London when I was 20 and I am going back to London with my kids (ages 7, 10,10). I can’t remember if it is appropriate for kids? I only remember how funny it was!

    • austin says:

      Hope it’s not too late for a response! You know your kids better than anyone — if it helps, OUR kids have seen all our shows and show few signs of moral degradation. Remember, we rate all our shows “PG-13: Pretty Good If You’re 13!” Thanks for coming to see us this century too!

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